Bibione Beach Fitness® is a sporting event organised by SportFelix® in association with Ssd Beach&Sport. SportFelix® is the brand of the tour operator Raduni Sportivi Srl, which, owing to its passion for sport and a twenty-year experience in the travel and sport events field, Raduni Sportivi S.r.l. organises and offers programs designed to entertain and get physically active, promoting a healthy lifestyle. A company made of a team of professionals who create, promote and organise fun wellness holidays; an unusual and unique experience, completely different from the usual tourist standards: sports tournaments and events for all ages, educational trips and summer camps for children, training camps, corporate tournaments and welfare projects.

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Informativa voucher. Alla scadenza dei 30 mesi dall’emissione del voucher, Raduni Sportivi srl tramuterà il voucher in un credito a favore del Cliente; a scelta del Cliente, tale credito potrà essere utilizzato per la prenotazione di una nuova iniziativa sportiva promossa dalla nostra Organizzazione oppure sarà rimborsabile, come previsto dalla legge, nei 14 giorni successivi all’arrivo della relativa richiesta inviata a Raduni Sportivi srl via mail comunicando gli estremi del voucher (numero del voucher, cognome e nome e coordinate bancarie dell’intestatario del voucher). La mail dovrà pervenire dall’intestatario del contratto, dovrà avere il voucher in allegato e dovrà essere indirizzata ad

Voucher information. Upon expiry of 30 months from voucher issue, Raduni Sportivi srl will transform the voucher into a credit in favor of the Customer; based on the Customer’s choice, the credit, can be used to book a new sporting initiative promoted by our organization or it will be refundable, as required by law, within 14 days following the arrival of the request sent to Raduni Sportivi srl by email communicating the details of the voucher (voucher number, surname and name and bank details of the voucher holder). The email must be sent by the contract’s holder, it must have the voucher attached and it must be sent to