On arrival in Bibione each registered person will have to present the Participant or Companion QR (available on your App SPORTFELIX) in the credential checking area. The QR of the Participant will be scanned and they will be given an entrance pass (bracelet) to the Kermesse.

NB. The credential check can be carried out by a substitute as long as they are in possession of the QR.

Location of the check-in

The check-in is done in Bibione in a dedicated area, close to the playing area (and close to the Bibione Thermae complex). Access from via Ariete and from via delle Colonie, 4.

Check-in schedule

• Friday from 10.00 am to 7.00 p.m.
• Saturday from 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.
• Sunday from 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m

For all those using affiliated accommodation in residences, tourist villages (resorts), aparthotels and hostels, accommodation is available starting from 4:30 p.m. on arrival day and must be left by 10:00 a.m. on departure day, unless otherwise stated in the contract (or otherwise agreed with the management of the accommodation). When receiving the keys to the accommodation a deposit (from euros 100.00) is required and will be returned on departure day once the accommodation has been checked. For those staying in affiliated hotels the rooms are available from 12:00 p.m. (unless otherwise agreed with the management of the hotel for an earlier access) and must be left by 10:00 a.m. on departure day (unless otherwise agreed with the hotel). All those using affiliated accommodation need to pay a tourist tax on arrival day, in cash, to the management of the accommodation; the person in charge of the contact is going to receive information about the amount of the tourist tax in the week before the sporting event.

For evening arrivals after the closing of the rental agencies and/or the accreditation area (7.00 pm) it will be possible to take possession of the assigned accommodation using the booking voucher (sent by the Organizational Secretariat in the days before the start date of the event) and then arrange for accreditation the following morning. In the week before the start date of the event, the Organizational Secretariat will send a communication by e-mail to the Contract Manager on the methods to be followed for registering guests (Attendance Register); in the same communication, detailed information will also be provided on the collection of the keys to the accommodation, on the payment of the tourist tax and on any other useful information.

• Guests staying in a residence or apartment can collect an envelope, containing the accommodation’s keys and the map to reach it, at the check-in area starting from one hour after the agency closing time and till 7:00 p.m.; for arrivals after check-in closing time (7 pm) you need to buy the “Late Arrival” service (€ 20 per accommodation). It allows you to collect the accommodation keys from 10.30 pm to 00.30 am, in a dedicated area. In case you haven’t purchased the service during registration, the charge is added when collecting the keys (€ 25 per accommodation). Note: on the day of departure from Bibione the keys must be returned directly to the relevant rental agency.
• Guests staying in tourist villages, aparthotels and residences that have a reception (indication provided during registration) it will be possible to collect the keys directly from the accommodation facility, remembering to notify the facility in advance of the estimated evening arrival time.
• Guests staying in hotels stays we recommend opting for 4-star structures that guarantee the presence of a night porter; in any case it is recommended to inform the structure in advance about the estimated evening arrival time.

During the accreditation phase, to the contract manager (or his delegate) will be given their personal pass (coloured bracelet) which must be worn on the wrist or ankle for the entire duration of the event; in the event of breakage, with the return of the damaged bracelet, the Organizational Secretariat, present in the accreditation area, will provide a new bracelet. 
The Participant personal pass will give them access to all the stages and evening activities whereas the Companion pass will provide access to the parties on the beach, price reduction at the thermal baths (Bibione Thermae), discounts for sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach and discounts at affiliated pizzerias and restaurants.

To attend the beach parties both Participants and Companions will need to show the QR CODE “ beach party” produced on the App SPORTFELIX.

The personal pass (coloured bracelet) or the QR Participant or Companion will also give the possibility of discounts at affiliated pizzerias and restaurants, price reduction at the thermal baths and beach facilities.

Close to the sporting area there are the following parking places:

• Parking at the entrance of Via delle Colonie 4 (5-minute walk);
• Parking in front of the Bibione Thermae Complex (5-minute walk);
• Parking in Piazzale Adriatico (5-minute walk);
• Parking in Piazza Mercato (15-minute walk).

• In order to avoid traffic jams, once you arrive in Bibione it is best to first get to the assigned accommodation and then walk to the check-in area.
• In order to avoid traffic jams on Sunday (check-out day) it is best to book the affiliated accommodation adding to the purchase the ‘late check-out’ option, when available. This allows you to have access to the accommodation and its parking facilities until 6:00 p.m. on departure day.

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Informativa voucher. Alla scadenza dei 30 mesi dall’emissione del voucher, Raduni Sportivi srl tramuterà il voucher in un credito a favore del Cliente; a scelta del Cliente, tale credito potrà essere utilizzato per la prenotazione di una nuova iniziativa sportiva promossa dalla nostra Organizzazione oppure sarà rimborsabile, come previsto dalla legge, nei 14 giorni successivi all’arrivo della relativa richiesta inviata a Raduni Sportivi srl via mail comunicando gli estremi del voucher (numero del voucher, cognome e nome e coordinate bancarie dell’intestatario del voucher). La mail dovrà pervenire dall’intestatario del contratto, dovrà avere il voucher in allegato e dovrà essere indirizzata ad amministrazione@sportfelix.it.

Voucher information. Upon expiry of 30 months from voucher issue, Raduni Sportivi srl will transform the voucher into a credit in favor of the Customer; based on the Customer’s choice, the credit, can be used to book a new sporting initiative promoted by our organization or it will be refundable, as required by law, within 14 days following the arrival of the request sent to Raduni Sportivi srl by email communicating the details of the voucher (voucher number, surname and name and bank details of the voucher holder). The email must be sent by the contract’s holder, it must have the voucher attached and it must be sent to amministrazione@sportfelix.it.